Taco Bell is testing three new items featuring the trendy lime chili seasoning Tajín in its home town.

They are only available at one drive-thru at 2222 Barranca Parkway, a few miles from Taco Bell headquarters near the Irvine Spectrum Center.

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The test items include a Tajín Crunchy Taco, which is a beef taco with ranch sauce in a hard shell seasoned with Tajin, going for $2.89.

Tajín Twists are a new take on Taco Bell’s puffed corn dessert, usually dusted with cinnamon, available for $1.29.

The Tajín Strawberry Freeze is made with mango pieces and Tajín chamoy sauce with a Tajín packet on the side for $3.59.

Customers can get all three in a combo for $6.99.

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The test will continue through Wednesday, March 6, or as long as supplies last, according to a news release.

The Tajin partnership was part of Taco Bell’s big reveal on Feb. 9, when executives previewed all of 2024 at a fan event in Las Vegas. Tajín was one of several partnerships announced by chief marketing officer Taylor Montgomery and chief food innovation officer Liz Matthews.

Another one of Taco Bell’s initiatives, a new “Cantina Chicken menu” announced for March, is moving forward in Bakersfield, where an item called Cantina Chicken Loaded Nachos is being tested at select locations, according to the chain.

Taco Bell is partnering with Oregon-based ice cream maker Salt & Straw on a version of the Choco Taco, a Klondike dessert discontinued in 2022. According to an Instagram post, it will be in shops this summer.

The first item announced at the fan event, the Cheesy Chicken Crispanada, came out on Feb. 15.

Information: tacobell.com