Two art exhibits are currently on display at the Irvine Fine Arts Center (14321 Yale Avenue at Heritage Community Park).

In the Main Gallery, the exhibit Mirror features works of art that employ anecdotal and personal narratives as points of departure toward exploring ideas of fragmentation and ambivalence.

In Gallery 1, the exhibit Terrain uses photographic strategies and methods to document the shifting nature of place and community. Artists Alkaid Ramirez and Beth Davila Waldman draw upon nuance, material experimentation, and sentimental gestures to create image-based works that beckon viewers to remember the past, interrogate the present, and contemplate the future.

Both exhibits will remain on display through April 16th.

The Irvine Fine Arts Center is open on Monday through Thursday from 9am until 5pm; Friday from 10am until 5pm; and Saturday from 9am until 5pm. The venue is closed on Sunday.

Admission and parking at the Irvine Fine Arts Center are free.

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