Taco Bell is getting extra mileage out of its latest go-round with Nacho Fries.

The Irvine-based fast food chain will be offering its rewards members a Nacho Fries Lover’s Pass, which will entitle purchasers one regular order of the snack a day for 30 consecutive days, according to a news release. The pass will cost $10 and be available July 9-15 through the Taco Bell app.

Rewards members will get a crack at a free Nacho Fries Lover’s Pass on July 9, when there will be a special “Tuesday Drop” for the first 100 Fire! Tier Rewards Members to claim it at 2 p.m. PST.

This is the third time Taco Bell has offered the subscription, which debuted early in 2022.

Nacho Fries have been one of the chain’s most popular limited time offers since their debut in 2018. They were brought back in April for their longest run ever, the news release said.

Taco Bell usually creates new variations on Nacho Fries every time it brings them back. On July 18, it will introduce Jalapeño Ranch Nacho Fries, topped with a new sauce and either seasoned beef or black beans. The price will be $4.49, but it may vary at some locations.

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Taco Bell is the third Southern California chain to announce subscriptions in recent weeks. On June 27, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse launched a short-term Pizookie Pass. In May, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar launched the Lazy Dog Campfire Club, which charges $5 a month and offers as much as $15 in benefits in return.

Taco Bell has also has a new $7 value box in what some restaurant reporters have started calling the fast food wars. The battlefront is McDonald’s $5 Meal Deal, a move to combine four of its value menu items into one low-priced combo. Wendy’s, Burger King and even Starbucks came out with their own budget offers.

Information: tacobell.com