A day after an Irvine woman was arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband, he filed for divorce and requested custody of their two children, court documents show. The man’s attorney also filed court documents alleging video evidence shows she used Drano in multiple alleged poisoning attempts.

Dr. Yue “Emily” Yu, 45, a dermatologist in Mission Viejo, was arrested by the Irvine Police Department on Aug. 4 after her husband contacted police saying he believed his wife was poisoning him and provided detectives with “video evidence supporting his suspicion,” police said in a Tuesday statement.

Dr. Yue Yu, of Irvine. (Photo courtesy Irvine Police Department)

Yu’s husband was granted a temporary restraining order Aug. 5. It states Yu cannot contact her husband or their two children, must stay 100 yards away from them, and must move out of their home until the restraining order hearing set for Aug. 18, according to court documents.

In Yu’s husband’s petition for the temporary restraining order, he claimed he had recorded three separate instances on video where Yu took Drano from under their kitchen sink and poured it in his lemonade, which he said he drinks hot, and tea. The first video is allegedly from July 11, 2022.

He claims he first began noticing a chemical taste in his drinks beginning in March 2022 and developed symptoms that eventually led to his doctor diagnosing him with “two stomach ulcers, gastritis, and esophagitis,” the petition said.

Yu’s husband then put cameras in the kitchen that he claims shows the poisoning.

Tuesday’s police statement notes Yu was arrested after a warrant was searched at the family home.

“The victim sustained significant internal injuries, but is expected to recover,” the statement said.

A statement provided by Yu’s attorney, David Wohl, said Yu “vehemently and unequivocally denies ever attempting to poison her husband or anyone else. As a well-respected physician her goal as always been to help people and never to harm them.”

“We are very concerned that these defamatory, false allegations have been made by (her husband) in an attempt to gain an advantage in the divorce and custody case he filed against Ms. Yu, a day after she was arrested,” Wohl said.

Wohl has requested the video tapes Yu’s husband took and said at this point,  screenshots of the videos do not “depict any wrongdoing or any crime of any sort.”

No charges against Yu had been filed by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as of Tuesday. The Irvine Police Department said the case was given to the DA’s office, but it was still under investigation.

Yu was released from jail Aug. 5 after posting bail, according to jail records.

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