The locally beloved AMC Classic theater in Irvine’s Woodbridge neighborhood will temporarily close for renovation from late July to late August.

Nicknamed the “Woodbridge dollar theater,” the quaint five-screen cinema in Irvine at one time offered $1 tickets for second-run movies on Tuesdays.

Its latest renovation will give the theater a much more luxury feel.

Upgrades will include reclining seats, remodeled restrooms, new paint and carpets, a refreshed concessions stand and a small bar, AMC spokesperson Ryan Noonan said. Though he couldn’t give an exact date, he said renovations would start sometime after next weekend.

The renovation project comes as the popularity of streaming services has forced theaters to find new ways to appeal to audiences.

“This is how the industry has been trending for the past several years,” Noonan said. An elevated movie-going experience has helped draw some back to the theater, “and that goes along with things like reclining seats, better food and beverages and better light and sound.”

Over the last 12 years, AMC has completed between 200 and 300 multi-million dollar renovations at theaters across the country, Noonan said.

“They’re a huge investment in the future of movie going.”

One employee said they hoped the upgrades would attract more blockbuster releases.

Noonan could not confirm specific price increases or future offerings, but he said “once the theater is renovated and people start coming out, there will be options for people of all different tastes.”

Noonan also said more information about the new offerings will be released to the public in August when the theater is closer to finishing its renovation.

“We’ll do a wide publicity push then,” he said.

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