Ahead of the March primary, The Orange County Register compiled a list of questions to pose to the candidates who wish to represent you. You can find the full questionnaire below. Questionnaires may have been edited for spelling, grammar, length and, in some instances, to remove hate speech and offensive language.

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Name: Hengameh “Henny” Abraham

Current Job Title: Educator

Political Party Affiliation: Republican

Incumbent: No

Other political positions held: Iranian American Engagement Director of the OCGOP

City where you reside: Costa Mesa

Campaign website or social media: www.hennyabraham.com

Gov. Newsom has been front and center lately in global affairs, from a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping discussing climate action to a trip to Israel where he met with victims of the Hamas attack. Aside from the governor’s trips, what do you see as the role California should play when it comes to foreign affairs?

California should focus on the state’s challenges and issues before playing any role in foreign affairs. Our state is suffering from legislation and bills that are crippling the economy. We are losing Californians to other states that put the well-being of the constituents ahead of political gains, and that is not acceptable anymore. At this point, unless we can focus on California’s issues and fix them, the California dream will forever be lost.

There have been recent efforts at the local level to change voting requirements — from a proposed voter ID requirement in Huntington Beach to an effort to open up voting to noncitizens in Santa Ana. What changes, if any, should be made to California’s voting laws?

A valid ID should be a requirement for voting. As an immigrant myself, I oppose any non-citizen voting in any election from local to federal level.

The latest state budget projections show California’s deficit has swelled to a record $68 billion, leading to calls for spending cuts. Give us two specific ways California could address the deficit.

Legislators could ease the deficit with one-time cuts such as reducing school funding or tapping into around $30 billion in reserves.

Speaking of the budget, what are your top three budget priorities?

My top 3 budget priorities include:- Making sure the law enforcement budget is met and increased if necessary.- Cutting the budget on public welfare that is currently at $3,870 per capita.- The revenue decline is a key issue on the budget deficit; focusing on investing in businesses that will bring revenue to our state is also a priority.

The legislature garnered national headlines when an effort to increase penalties for child sex trafficking initially stalled. How would you, in the legislature, balance criminal justice reform with public safety concerns?

Public safety should never suffer as a result of criminal justice reform; justice is for the victims, not the criminals. I am pro-public safety at all costs, and I believe criminal justice reform should focus on criminals being punished for the crimes that they commit, not have lesser sentences.

Homelessness continues to be a concern for Californians. While there is no simple solution, what is one proposal you have that could reduce homelessness in our communities?

Homelessness is a multi-branch issue with mental illness and drug addiction being the main causes. We need to focus on proactive mental health and addiction services that have long-lasting effects instead of throwing money away into housing.

The governor recently signed a law that set a first-in-the-nation minimum wage standard for healthcare workers. Should minimum wage standards vary by industry? Why or why not?

Yes, as a former healthcare worker, I can attest that certain jobs have more hardship than others. Healthcare workers and anyone in any industry that deals with life-and-death situations have higher stressors in their daily jobs.

What is one environment or climate policy you’d champion if elected?

Water supply and drought. California’s underground aquifers can hold vastly more water than its reservoirs, between 850 million and 1.3 billion acre-feet of capacity below ground compared to about 38.1 million acre-feet above ground, according to the Department of Water Resources. Recharging groundwater basins could help with water supply.

What is one capital improvement project you’d like to see financed and completed in your district?

A major capital improvement project in my district has to be the road improvement in our major freeways. The 5, 405 and 55 freeways all run through my district, and they need road and structure upgrades and improvements.

The state recently began rolling out the CARE Court program in some counties, the state-funded effort that allows first responders, family and other designated people to petition a court to have someone with untreated severe psychotic disorders receive treatment and services. What other ways can the state prioritize mental health care for its residents, including those with less severe disorders?

Mental health services should be provided to those in need, not only during a mental health crisis episode but afterward as well. Many programs fail because of a lack of follow-up care. I believe that mental health patients should have access to affordable care as long as they need it because that is one way to ensure they do not relapse and fall into an episode that could result in addiction, homelessness or even suicide.

Describe your political philosophy in 10 words or less.

The government should work for its people, not rule them.

What is your go-to campaign trail snack or drink?

Coffee and breakfast burritos.

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